Mean Girls Online

Mean Women Online

This page is dedicated to those aggressive,manipulative, mean females who do not give a dam about your feelings. These extremely mean  women are waiting online wearing huge strapons and ready to be rough as hell with your ass. Bending you over and ripping your cheeks apart our mean ladies do not hold back and their is no  safe word or any boundries with these cruel bitches.

If you are ready to have your ass invaded, stretched, abused and used then be sure to visit our hardcore females who are waiting right now to make your life a misery. They do not care about your feelings. They love what they do, hearing you beg, scream and plead, just makes them laugh even more. They will threaten you with blackmail or exposing your pictures if you do not do EXACTLY as they demand of you.  Our strapon cams online

Not only are they mean, some of them are sexy as hell, but with that real cruel streak where they take total control and become arrogant and aggressive as well as cruel. This can be a huge turn on to weak men who need strong women. I have to say i like to be around stronger ladies, one with power, superior females.

Yes the ones who know they are in charge and they are not afraid  to let you know that. The verbal abuse, mean looks,body language and the whole power trip they have is just so evil. Demanding we bend over, describing in detail exactly how they will rip my ass apart, spreading my cheeks holding me down and ramming their biggest toy into my ass. Our ladies enjoy being in charge and one of the top things for them to do when controllign slaves is to teach them about foot worship online

These women have stated time and again they will never show mercy when it comes to anal abuse. They believe our ass now belongs to them.

Get ready to be spat on, slapped, finger stuck up at you and that is just the mild stuff. The threats of blackmail and financial ruin can be very scary, but if you don’t give up that tight ass for anal invasion then you are toast!


Below is just a rough idea of some of the things and tasks these cruel ladies may demand of you in a cam session

cock and ball torture

Wax/candle play

Financially ruin you

Abuse your ass

Blackmail you on cam

Take pictures of you and post online

Team viewer and control of your pc

Call your family, workmates friends

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Take control of your facebook,twitter, snapchat or what ever social media you may use.

Forced feminzation

Cum eating

​Ass spanking,whipping,flogging

Forced bi-sexual


Make you drink your own piss

Recording you on video

Demanding you shave  your pubic hair


Ultimate humiliation scenarios

Forced intoxification, poppers, alcohol, smoking


Bondage and restraining for useless slaves

 Blackmail, chastity, lifestyle, slave and domination Contracts

Roleplay scenarios await you or REAL evil sessions where no  safe word and you must pass over your real details phone number, facebook etc


We have ladies who are ready to financially ruin you and if you  head on over to our strict bdsm cams